Types of Wounds

As much as heartache can result in tears, just as much does your skin result in “tears” when there is a wound. As much as a hug can mean to relieve heartache, just as much does good care of your skin “ache” relieve with the hug of good wound care. Whether from an operation, scratch or fall, whether small or big – wounds need special care to heal wall.


Accidental wounds that include cuts, lacerations, abrasions and/or surgery wounds that heal without complication


Wounds that develop from acute wounds includesr adiation and cancer wounds, pressure injury, ulcers, infected wounds

Burn wounds 

Superficial to deep injury, according to loss of skin layers

Diabetic wounds 

Non healing wounds due to existing diabetes

Wound bed preparation

The process of removing local barriers to wound healing e.g. dead tissue, infection, excess exudate, and to facilitate healing and provide a more efficient means of wound management. (Supply what the wound needs most.

Basic wound care
  • Clean wound
  • Protect surrounding skin
  • Rotate plasters on wound – tape and impression from dressing can cause harm on skin
  • Choose right dressing for type of wound.