Erika van der Mescht

  • B. PhysT University of Pretoria
  • 2 and a half years experience as Lymphoedema therapist, in an out-patient based private practice, as well as in-hospital
  • General Outpatient practice with a main focus on Lymphoedema 
  • Locum at Care@Midstream, step down facility with various orthopedic, Neuro, spinal, amputations and
    general rehab patients.
  • Started a Lymphoedema centre in 2017

When a problem in arises in life, you can either jump in and try and safe the situation, or stand back, fully understand the problem, and then find an optimal solution to this problem. But without proper understanding, the solution might be misguided.

I have always been passionate about educating patients about their health and ensuring that they understand how to manage their conditions.

The lack of knowledge about Lymphoedema in South- Africa amongst patients and health care providers further motivated me to start educating as many people as a can about this life-long condition and the management thereof.

My goal is to ensure that all the lymphoedema patients out there get quality care and effective treatment.

Nicole Hamer

  • BSc. Plant Pathology (UP:2009)
  •   BPhysT (UP: 2013)
  • OMT (2015)
  • ILWTI (2016)
  • Advanced Dry Needling (2016)

Nicole has a special interest in Lymphoedema management, healthcare management as well as general outpatient conditions. Nicole played provincial hockey and coached hockey for many years at Pretoria High School for Girls. She is an all round sports person and enjoys all sports. She has a passion for people and gives of her best to all of her patients.