About MLC

@ MULTIDICIPLINARY LYMPHOEDEMA CENTRE, we strive to give you the best care possible for your oedema and wounds.

We work together as a team, PHYSIOTHERAPIST, CERTIFIED LYMPHOEDEMA THERAPIST, ORTHOTIST PROSTHESIST & WOUND CARE SPECIALIST, to ensure that all aspects of your health and life is taken into consideration, when we assist you to manage your condition.

From Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) to Wound Care, Multi-layered bandages to Long term compression and prosthesis, we will treat you holistically.


How do we assist with Lymphoedema?

  • We assess your Lymphoedema and establish what is causing the condition
  • We discuss and explore your treatment history to assess which treatments and equipment work for you as well as which don’t
  • We aim to understand your health aspirations, as well as your level of pain 
  • We identify ways of dealing with and managing your pain
  • We establish a set of goals that are meaningful to you and that will aid in your healing, pain reduction, mobility
  • We plan a review and support programme to assist you to reach these goals

How do we assist with physiotherapy, injuries and rehabilitation? 

  • We improve and maintain functional independence and physical performance
  • We assist with managing pain and disabilities
  • We promote fitness, health and wellness 
  • We assess, treat and educate to ensure a quality lifestyle 
  • We discuss and implement preventative advice

How do we assist with Medical Orthotics and Prosthetic management?

  • Compression garments are measured and fit to provide long term treatment for arm or leg oedema and lymphoedema.
  • This provides long term maintenance after the Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy stage.
  • Devices and training is provided to the patient to assist in better donning and doffing of the compression devices.
  • External silicon breast prosthesis is measured and fit to provide a post mastectomy or lumpectomy patient with self confidence and a natural look and feel.
  • Post mastectomy bra’s are provided to hold the breast prosthesis in position
  • Diabetic footwear, innersoles and diabetic compression stockings assists in wound care rehabilitation
  • Various orthotic devices assist in rehabilitory patient care

How do we assist with wound care:

  • We will asses your wound, take pictures and evaluate the wound base
  • A treatment regime will be worked out according to what you need
  • We will look at you holistically to determine whether there are any other factors slowing down the healing
  • If needed, we will refer you to the necessary specialist to manage other medical conditions
  • Your wound will be cleaned first, and then the appropriate dressing will be applied
  • You will be followed up as needed depending on your specific wound.