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Pitting oedema, the indentation that you see on your skin when you push into the tissue.

Interesting Facts: 

  • Mainly Females
  • Both legs are swollen from hips to ankles
  • The top of feet never involved
  • Little or no pitting
  • Soft tissue texture
  • Painful to touch
  • Bruise easily


Chronic swelling, that persists for longer than 3 Months, is called lymphoedema.

Interesting Facts:

  • 87% Female, 13% Males
  • Under most circumstances in primary lymphoedema only one limb is affected
  • The top part of feet also swollen
  • Pitting oedema, due to high protein
  • Harder tissue texture
  • More discomfort than pain due to heaviness
  • Normally bruising is not a problem 

 Stages of Lymphoedema:

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