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Compression Garments During the Holidays

The festive season is fast approaching and all of us can not wait to indulge in late morning sleeping in and having no alarm to tell us when it is time to stand up.

Travel and Relax

Travelling long distances however to that perfect resting place may still cause a few problems if not addressed.
Oedema as well as lymphoedema will still cause swelling during long periods of traveling and may even cause an increase in these symptoms.
Please remember to still wear your compression garments during these long periods of travelling to maintain arm as well as leg swelling.
Keep the water bottle full and close by and note that heat can make the stocking feel a bit tighter than usual……do not worry, that is normal!
Please also take note that compression stockings may be swim with, to also keep you cool during the intense heat.
For any of you still in need of advice or a new pair of compression, please get into contact with us.
We wish you all safe travelling and a blessed festive season.
Meghess Swart

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